Readme file for the IBM License Metric Tool 7.5 interim fix 8

This readme file provides information about the 7.5-TIV-ILMT-IF0008 interim fix for IBM® License Metric Tool version 7.5. It contains the most current information for the interim fix and takes precedence over other documentation. Review this readme file thoroughly before you install or use the interim fix.


APARs fixed

The following table lists the APARs that are fixed in this interim fix.
APAR Abstract Description Available since
IV36493 DOCUMENT HAS TO BE UPDATED REGARDING VIRTUAL_COMP_TYPE The VIRTUAL_COMP_TYPE column in the CUSTOM.HW_COMPUTER_V database view is incorrectly described as showing the state of the agent while it indicates whether the system is virtual or physical one. Interim fix 8
IV36548 DETAILS ON SUPPORTED WAS ND CONFIGURATION MISSING FROM LMT/TAD4D 7.5 DOCUMENTATION Documentation does not list exact versions of WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment that are supported by License Metric Tool. Interim fix 8
IV37491 EXCLUDE /QSYS.LIB/QRCL.LIB/ PATH FROM BEING SCANNED ON I5 On i5, the /QSYS.LIB/QRCL.LIB/ directory is used to store invalid objects and data that was found by the RCLSTG tool. When the Common Inventory Technology scans the directory, the scanner fails due to a failing lstat system call. Interim fix 8
IV37618 SOFTWARE SCAN HISTORY REPORT UNNECESSARILY CONVERTED TO LOCAL TIMEZONE The scheduled date of a software scan in the software scan history report does not match the scan date on the agents panel. It is improperly converted to the local zone when read from the database. Interim fix 8
IV37691 ILMT RETURNS A HIGHER COUNT FOR THE LPAR CORES (VCPUS) THAN THE PHYSICAL/ SERVER CORE (PCPUS) Due to invalid data that comes from the agents, License Metric Tool returns a higher count for the LPAR cores than for the physical cores. Interim fix 8
IV37952 OLD AGENTS UPLOAD INCORRECT MEASURES TO ADM.MEASURE Agents version lower than 7.2.2 upload incorrect measures to the ADM.MEASURE table. Interim fix 8
IV37969 FUNCTIONALITY TO INSTALL A PRIVATE INSTANCE OF CIT NOT WORKING IN LMT/TAD4D VERSIONS LATER THAN 7.5 FP1 Installation of a private instance of Common Inventory Technology scanner does not work on Linux and UNIX in case of License Metric Tool versions later than 7.5 Fix Pack 1. Interim fix 8
IV37007 HW SCAN FAILS TO RETRIEVE INFORMATION ABOUT LDOMS Hardware scans are not able to report information about LDOMs which is caused by the fact that Solaris API reports an LDOM as present, while it is not. Interim fix 8
IV37286 INCONSISTENT HW SERIAL ON SOLARIS LDOMS HWSerial returned by the ComponentID group on Solaris might be inconsistent across LDOMs. It is expected to be the same on all LDOMs, however, it might be different as sysinfo sometimes returns a different serial number. To make the serial number consistent on LDOMs, a value returned by the v12n_chassis_serialno parameter of should be used. Interim fix 8
IV33537 SYSTEMS WITHOUT AGENTS LIST INCORRECT Agents are installed on devices that have NIC cards with at least two IP addresses. Some of the agents first list an address that is not the IP address that is listed in the Systems without Agents table. Such agents are not removed from the list of systems without agents. Interim fix 7
IV33734 POOR PERFORMANCE OF 'VIEW REPORTS' PANEL WHEN THE NUMBER OF REPORTS IN 'ADM.IBM_REPORT' TABLE IS LARGE When the number of reports in the adm.ibm_report table in the TLMA database is large, accessing the View Reports panel in License Metric Tool takes a lot of time. In some cases, a blank page is displayed. Interim fix 7
IV33963 WIN 2000 SUPPORT MISMATCH BETWEEN ENG AND JAP INFOCENTER The Japanese version of the Information Center, incorrectly lists Windows 2000 as an operating system that is supported by License Metric Tool agents. Interim fix 7
IV34672 ILMT-TAD4D AGENTS PRIOR TO 7.2.2 VERSION NOT ABLE TO DOWNLOAD CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS FROM (7.5 FP1) SERVER License Metric Tool agents version lower than 7.2.2 are not able to download configuration parameters from the License Metric Tool server. Interim fix 7
IV35764 ILMT-TAD4D AGENT INSTALLER USES 'UNAME -W' ON AIX 5.3 License Metric Tool agent installer returns the following error: uname: illegal option -- W on AIX® 5.3. However, installation completes successfully. Interim fix 7
IV35878 WRONG DESCRIPTION FOR LAYER_V DATABASE VIEW The Information Center incorrectly describes the LAYER_V database view. Interim fix 7
IV35895 INPROPER HANDLING OF INACTIVE LDOMS DURING HW SCAN UPLOADS Inactive LDOMs are handled incorrectly because the same information is expected from them as is expected from active LDOMs. Interim fix 7
IV36123 INCORRECT ORDER OF STARTING AGENT THREADS-SIGNAL HANDLING ISSUES If agent threads are started in a wrong order, agents are not able to properly handle the SIGPIPE signal. It causes that the process ends and the core is dumped. Interim fix 7
IV36130 EXCEPTION CNS.AUGHT WHEN CONFIGURING THE SMTP SERVER FOR NOTIFICATIONS During the configuration of the SMTP server for notifications, the following error is returned: Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: Not a valid char constructor. Interim fix 7
IV36365 SCHEDULED FULL HARDWARE SCAN NOT WORKING FOR VIRTUAL MACHINES INTAD4D (INTERIM FIX 8) In License Metric Tool version 7.2.2 interim fix 8, full hardware scans are not working on virtual machines even if scheduled. Interim fix 7
IV29153 AFTER IMPORTING CATALOG FIX, DUPLICATED ENTIRES APPEAR ON THE UI After importing a catalog fix that changes the relationship between a component and a product form free to charged, duplicated entries for the particular component appear in the adm.prod_inv table. The entries have TYPE=10 (not charged) which causes that PVU is incorrectly calculated. Interim fix 6
IV30815 MEMORY-RELATED ERRORS DUE TO INVALID STRUCTURE OF NLS MESSAGES IN ILMT-TAD4D 7.5 AGENT FOR OS400/i5 License Metric Tool agent that is installed on OS400/i5 computer with non-English language settings fails to start and memory-related errors can be found in the logs. Interim fix 6
IV31464 THE CATALOG SCHEDULER DOES NOT GENERATE REPORTS AS EXPECTED After setting up the start date and frequency of a scheduled report, the scheduler ignores the start date and only applies the frequency settings to the new reports. Interim fix 6
IV31999 AUDIT REPORT GENERATION ISSUE Problems occur with generation of reports if a month that has 31 days follows a month that has 30 days. Interim fix 6
IV33397 THE SPECIFICATION OF THE DOMAIN FOR THE USER NAME FOR VM MANAGERS IS INCONSISTENT. Different definitions of users are used for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware:
  • For Microsoft Hyper-V, the user is defined as user_name\domain, for example: test\
  • For VMware, the user is defined as domain\username, for example:\test
Interim fix 6
IV33106 STATUS OPTION FOR TLM SCRIPT (/ETC/INIT.D/TLM) NOT IMPLEMENTED The agent init script does not support the status option as required by the Linux Standard Base Core Specification 3.1. Additionally, the implementation of the stop option that should depend on PID files(/var/run/) is not valid. For more details, go to: Interim fix 5
IV32827 DUPLICATE ROWS IN ADM.LINK MAY BLOCK PERIODIC CALCULATIONS Duplicate rows in the ADM.LINK table might block essential periodic calculations. Duplicate rows in the ADM.LINK table might cause problems with autobundling which might lead to problems with confirming certain product instances. A quite general error message CODBL0004W is displayed when the problem occurrs. For more details, go to: Interim fix 5
IV32585 THE DOC PROVIDED A LINK TO DOWNLOAD FITSUIT BUT IT DIRECTED TO VERSION A link for downloading FITSuit that is provided in documentation directs to version instead of the required version For more details, go to: Interim fix 5
IV32579 MISSING INFORMATION ABOUT THE IMPACT OF CPU_THRESHOLD ON SCANS DURATION Documentation does not clearly state that setting the cpu_threshold parameter causes that the execution of a scan on the agent side takes more time. Interim fix 5
IV30913 HYPER-V WITH MANY OBJECTS PROCESSED INCORRECTLY A VM manager that accesses Hyper-V host server is in Pending status despite having successful results of the test connection. Interim fix 5
IV03617 STANDALONE SCRIPTS IN COME WITH CIT The standalone scripts generated by License Metric Tool server still come with the old CIT:
It is due to the fact that CIT version in the file was not updated. For more details, go to:
Interim fix 5
IV27943 AGENT INSTALLER FOR INTERIM FIX OFFERS LANGUAGE SELECTION Interim fix can be only installed in English. Language selection is not supported in the wizard. Interim fix 4
IV28037 DESCRIPTION FIELD IS SKIPPED DURING IMPORT The view custom.signature_v has a field called Description. For every row in the table, the field is empty although it should not be. For more details, go to: Interim fix 4
IV29120 INCORRECT TRANSLATION ON VMMANAGERS PANEL A label on the VM managers panel is incorrectly translated to French. For more details, go to: Interim fix 4
IV29627 ILMT 7.5 INSTALLS /ETC/IBM/TIVOLI/COMMON/CFG/LOG.PROPERTIES WITH PERMISSIN 700 (ON SOLARIS 10) After installing License Metric Tool 7.5 on clean Solaris 10, the file /etc/ibm/tivoli/common/cfg/ is installed with right permission 644. For more details, go to: Interim fix 4
IV29921 ILMT AGENT CANNOT BE INSTALLED ON HP-UX 11I V3 DUE TO 'HPVM-GUEST' CHANGE TO 'VIRTUALBASE' License Metric Tool agent cannot be installed on HP-UX 11i v3 (September 2012). Interim fix 4
IV29984 REVOKE PUBLIC GRANTS One of steps during the installation of the interim fix grants public access to two tables that should not be granted this type of access. For more details, go to: Interim fix 4
IV30409 VMWARE AGENTS IN PENDING STATUS If an invalid URL is defined or the VMware machine is incorrectly configured, the License Metric Tool server hangs when it attempts to connect to the machine, even though the timeout period was correctly configured. Such attempts of connection block the timer on which the VMware Connection task is running (Timer3). If the connection takes twice the amount of time that was defined as the timeout period, the connection thread is broken and the status of the VM manager is changed to Hard timeout - suspended. This status indicates that no further attempts of connection to the particular VM manager are made until its status is manually changed to Pending. Interim fix 4
IV31063 INSTALLING TAD4D AGENTS VIA TCM WILL LEAVE 'YES' PROCESS COMMAND RUNNING EVEN AFTER THE AGENT IS INSTALLED SUCCESSFULLY Installation of License Metric Tool agents by using Tivoli® Configuration Manager leaves the yes process command running even after the agent is successfully installed and the process is manually ended after the installation. Interim fix 4

New enhancement requests

The following table lists enhancement requests that are realized in this interim fix.
ID Abstract Description Available since
14165 Install a private instance of Common Inventory Technology A private instance of Common Inventory Technology scanner that is not shared with other software can be installed on Windows. For more details, go to: Interim fix 8
18493 AIX agent installer improvement To fulfil compatibility requirements and AIX guidelines for software installation, changes were made to AIX agent native installer which significantly changed the way the agent is installed.
  • New packages are by default installed in the /opt/itlm and /var/itlm directories. It is no longer possible to install an agent in a custom location. Environmental variable ILMT_INSTALL_PATH is no longer supported.
  • To move an agent to a custom location, AIX relocation mechanism based on User Specified Installation Location (USIL) can be used. To install an agent in a location other than the default one, -R option must be added to the installp command. For example, to install an agent in /custom_location:
    1. Create the custom_location directory:
      mkdir /custom_location
    2. Make the directory your User Specified Installation Location (USIL):
      mkusil -R /custom_location
    3. Install the agent in this location:
      installp -R /custom_location -acgXd full_path_to_the_installation_package_dir
      ILMT-TAD4D-agent-7.5-aix-ppc ILMT-TAD4D-agent
      The agent are installed in /custom_location/opt/itlm and /custom_location/var/itlm folders.
Interim fix 6
17909 CPU limiter support for use scan and hardware scan Starting from IF0004, CPU limiter support is now extended over use and hardware scans, in addition to the currently implemented support for software scan (provided in IF0001). Interim fix 4

New supported platforms

Supported platform Available since
Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 Interim fix 8

Common Inventory Technology

License Metric Tool agent contains Common Inventory Technology version For more details about the current changelog for Common Inventory Technology scanner, go to:

Compatibility with earlier version

Before you install the interim fix, make sure that fix pack 7.5-TIV-ILMT-FP0001 is installed with License Metric Tool.

Installing the interim fix

For information about how to install the fix by using patch installer, see
Note: To install the fix, you must be logged in as Administrator (on Windows) or root (on UNIX) to the computer where License Metric Tool is installed.